Ending the Year with the 5000th Post.

Yes that’s right.  5000 posts!

I’ve written more than 5000 things counting other sites but there are now 5000 posts on Team Hellions.  Millions of hits too.  Who knows what will come in 2016?!

I do.

Its time for announcements!

I will continue to post at least one new post every day in 2016.

The podcast will return!  There is a wrestling one being discussed and I would love to do some interviews with people.  Format and hosting still being figured out.

Finally, my major 2016 goal.  I will create my own comic book, based on an original idea, and have it up for sale digitally.  At minimum, a black and white 22-32 pages comic book for sale on either this site or one of the larger digital ones.  If I have all of this up and even one person buys it, I’ll feel like this goal was reached.  If I cant decide which of many ideas I have to turn into this book within a couple weeks I will put it to a vote on this very site.

Happy New Year!


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