Like Father Like Son Christmas.

Another Christmas haul post!

So wee man is too young to really get into the super heroes and the wrestling and the sci fi.  Its coming, and I know it is, but we’re not quite there.  However, that doesn’t mean I cant have such items in the house and be ready for whenever that day comes.  From the looks of this Christmas it looks like Santa and my family have the same idea.



This book is shockingly good.  Like, it should be for adults.  Great art from all over Batman’s history.  New 52 all the way back through time.  Its going to be a great way to read to my son and get him into the history of Batman and thus other comic characters.  There are so many great stories for him to learn, and many more to come.  Comics will give him a never ending source of entertainment.  But there is so much to learn, he might need some help.



With this book of course!  Its so cool.  Everyone that should be in here is in here.  Even Croc.  Don’t you just love Croc?  Who is Croc you ask?  Oh, you might know him as Killer Croc.  But cant use that word “Killer” in a kids book.  I’m going to guess Deathstroke is called Slade.

But for something that is wholesome and has never needed to censor the word killer, presenting a boy’s first clay-mation friends: Gumby!



This was one of the few presents that Lil Man paid any attention to at all on Christmas.  Bright colors, solid shapes, big smiles.  Its everything a young child could want.  Hopefully.  Maybe this means he will watch something else.  Gumby is on Hulu or Netflix or one of those things.

The best gift of all might be the gift of something else to watch.  Its been all Wiggles and Adventure Time for months here.  I’m not expecting Gumby to be the greatest show of all time but if it throws a bit of something different into our day it will be a welcome addition in our home.

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