Quitting in 2015.

This post has been a long time coming.  There were certain things that ended this year that really upset me.  Some I hope will come back, but many are just over.

All this year I was looking forward to things that ended up not happening, or ending.  Locally there was the city wide garage sale, cancelled due to insurance issues.  Drive In movie night at the local theater, cancelled.  That’s alright, I’ll read the 20th anniversary edition of the PWI Almanac.  Publishing cancelled.  I’ll go to a local wrestling show.  Ending operations this year.  Even Cat Fancy, Cat Fancy!, magazine has ended this year.

Selfishly, I’m upset.  I wanted to have/enjoy these things and I’m pissed I wasn’t able to.  When I take a moment to think outside of myself I wonder about the finances.  Charging a dollar more admission, or having more advertising, or a hundred other options.  I’m sure these options were considered and dismissed for various reasons outside of my need to know.

But what if they weren’t?  The Halloween franchise is currently owned by no one because someone didn’t bother to renew the rights.  What if some of these things didn’t happen, or ceased to happen, because someone was crap at their job and didn’t make things happen?  It happens every day and maybe it happened in some of these circumstances.

Or maybe in 2015 people were tired of working hard for no rewards.  I cant blame anyone for that.

With my disappointment though comes motivation.  Motivation to not give up myself.  It doesn’t matter how many people read the blog.  Nor how many offers I get.  It matters that I want to do it.  It matters that I have seen great blog after great blog just dry up and die because no one posted content.  Once a day or two goes past with nothing its that much harder to get going again.  Look at all of the weight loss in the new year articles and replace weight loss with writing.

The only way to hit milestones is to keep going.  While earning the world sit on your ass and do nothing championship sounds nice there’s far too much competition for it.  Putting out new content all the time, well there is at best thousands of people doing that.  Even if its millions its still less than one percent of the world.  To become one percent of something like that is an attainable goal.  Once there it is only a matter of keeping at it in order to make that ripple, that sound, that one thing that gains a touch of attention.

Didn’t quit in 2015, not quitting in 2016 either.

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  1. Rock on! Although I promote my blog where I can, I don’t do it for the readers, I do it because it’s an outlet to express myself that I wouldn’t otherwise have.
    Keep on, keepin on

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