T-Shirt Christmas.

Hey remember when I was taking a picture of me wearing a different shirt for every day in 2015?  I started working right around the time I ran out of shirts.  This could have been an opportunity to buy more shirts but really that new job money was better served buying food and paying bills.  Stupid responsibility.

However, my love of shirts has not gone away.  Not in 2016 but maybe in a future year I’ll go for the goal again.  Possibly with completely new shirts.  No repeats from this year!

A good way to start that is with the brand new shirts I received for Christmas.  I don’t think I’ve worn any other shirts since.  Sure its only been a week but I ended up with some great new geek apparel.  For example:

IMG_5985 IMG_5986 IMG_5984 IMG_5983 IMG_5991


I actually have one more, but I’m wearing it.  The only bad thing about these shirts is that its damn cold outside and I cant sport them around town.  I mean, I could, but there would be consequences.

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