The Wiggles Road Trip.

This past Thursday the whole family went from central New York all the way to Rutland Vermont to see The Wiggles.  My two year old son loves The Wiggles.  They are his entire day.  Thankfully there are many DVDs and hours of content on Hulu so we don’t get bored or sick of any of it.  Plus we’re still in the first time parents glow phase where everything he wants to do is still wonderful and fun.  So the thought of driving three hours for a one hour concert then three hours back sounded absolutely reasonable.

The trip started with ease.  We left right before nap time.  Big Guy slept for almost two hours with two of his Wiggles friends.  We missed one turn along the way but 10 minutes later returned to the original course and it was a smooth journey.  We realized this is a day of firsts.  The boy’s first concert, our first concert as a couple I think, our first drive out of state, our first time out of state as a couple and as a family.  Yeah, we don’t get out much.

The drive was thankfully smooth.  We arrived in Rutland and found a bathroom.  Most important hint when looking for a bathroom, find a grocery store.  They almost always have a public bathroom, they’re clean inside and secure, and many of them are open 24 hours.  After this stop we drove by the venue in order to orient ourselves, and then had about three hours to kill.  What is a perfect way for a kid to kill time than a playground?


This place was huge.  Tall not long.  There were parts of it that I as an adult wasn’t too keen on climbing.  Thankfully I was on ground duty, catching the flying child come shooting down a slide.  He played hard, he pooped, we all ate lunch at a picnic table.  It was honestly one of the best days as a family I think we have ever had.  But its all precursor to the Wiggles.


Someone was too scared to go into the concert hall.  He cried, he tried to run away, he pointed outside.  There was no getting through to him that his buddies were about to be on stage.  We checked with some employees and were assured that we could come in right before the show started and have no trouble getting seats.  Three walks around the block later and it was finally mere minutes before show time.  We sat down, gave him some milk, and just when he was starting to get a little rowdy he heard the voice.

I’m not yet used to deciphering my son’s facial expressions but I was positive this one was “I know that voice”.  Suddenly all of the lights and colors made sense.  He started to get excited.  Then they came on stage one by one.  My child did not move the entire hour.  He may not have blinked.  I joke and tell people it was like he saw God.  To sound less offensive, it was the moment he discovered magic.  What was once fantasy is now in front of his face, and its real.

He spent the next two weeks imitating all that he watched that day.  Standing on things to perform and sing.  Taking his Wiggles figures and plush and reenacting every song.  This little ball of mischief was now a young person full of imagination and wonder.  It was the most beautiful day for all of us and I would drive twenty hours plus both ways without sleep to give him another moment like this at any point in his life.

Wiggles02 Wiggles03

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