The Annual 25 Things I Would Rather Watch Instead of the Super Bowl List.



Once again the tradition returns.  I, a non sports fan, will pick 25 things airing today that I would enjoy watching more than the Super Bowl.  The rules are:

It must be on a nationally available channel.  Your local NBC channel is playing 12 hours of girls in bikinis?  Good for you.  Doesn’t count.

It must be a free or cable channel.  No HBO and similar, and no pay per view.

It must air during the Super Bowl.  Kick off is about 630 and the game is scheduled until 10 pm.  The game could run longer, but only shows airing in this time frame can count.

Marathons count as one entry.

To the list!

  1. America’s Funniest Home Videos.  ABC. 7-8
  2. Simpsons. Fox. 7-730
  3. Bob’s Burgers. Fox. 730-8
  4. The Walking Dead. AMC.
  5. Star Trek: The Next Generation.  BBC America.
  6. Steven Universe. Cartoon Network.
  7. Gravity Falls. Disney XD
  8. Kick Ass 2. FXX. 7-9
  9. Family Feud. GSN
  10. Mythbusters. Science.
  11. Cops. Spike.
  12. New Girl.  TBS
  13. Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus. Syfy.
  14. Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark. Syfy
  15. Supernatural. TNT
  16. Family Guy. Fox. 9-930
  17. Cleveland Show. Adult Swim. 830-9
  18. American Dad. Adult Swim.
  19. Despicable Me 2. FX
  20. Spongebob Squarepants. Nickelodeon.
  21. Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda. Syfy
  22. How I Met Your Mother. WGN.
  23. Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge. CMT
  24. Destination Truth. Chiller.
  25. Teen Titans GO!. Boomerang.

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