Catch It Live Before Its Gone.

Daniel Bryan retired tonight, and I never saw him wrestle live.

Sure I’ve watched numerous matches.  Ring of Honor, random independents, and of course WWE.  I have seen some amazing things done in the ring.  I saw a guy that no one thought could be a star captivate an entire fan base.  But I never experienced it live.

Life just happens.  I have a family, I have to work, and sometimes money and time don’t line up.  I never saw ECW or WCW.  Thankfully I have seen most of the major names in wrestling over the years.  There will be a gap known as early parenthood during which I wont be able to experience certain things.

At first I planned on doing all I could to see Guns N Roses live this year.  Then I thought about taking numerous days off of work, leaving my family, going to a concert event, and all of this sounded greatly irresponsible.  The risk does not seem worth it.  Granted, that attitude is also why I’m audience and not performer.

I’ll ask the masses tonight:  Who will you never see live and if its still possible, why not?

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