Avengers Chocolate Honey Maid.

That title sounds inappropriate. Like something out of the Vivid Avengers parody. Or maybe Chocolate Honey Maid is the name of a forgotten Grindhouse movie that Shout Factory will release later this year. 

Or it’s a box of food that I bought solely because of the packaging. 

Skippy was my idea. 

The crackers or cookies or whatever these are weren’t bad. I enjoyed them, finished the box, but never bought them again. So good but not great. 

These things may have existed for decades. Ignored by me because they were not in the shape of a property I love. Dora Honey Maid could be the greatest snack on Earth but it takes men in tights to get me to taste something. 

Wait a minute. I take that back. No! Everything is out of context now! 

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