The 1980’s as seen through Nancy Reagan.

Nancy Reagan died today at 94 years old.  To be honest I had no idea she was still alive.  Her husband’s death is so far the only Presidential funeral to take place in my lifetime that I remember paying attention to.  Nixon was 1994 and I was but a teen.  Reagan was 2004 and I really need to remember where I was that year.  I recall watching the news in a hotel room but I have no recollection of taking a trip in 2004.  Anyways,

Nancy Reagan was arguably one of the strongest women in the world during the 1980’s.  She advised her husband, she had agendas and messages to get across, and she was vocal about them.  How much she advised her husband will be debated forever.  What is not up for debate is how much she ingrained herself into 1980’s pop culture.  There isn’t a picture of the Beatles standing next to the (then)  current President in the White House but damn if we don’t have a picture of Michael Jackson.

It seems like the Reagans were woven deeper into the fabric of pop culture than any Presidential family since.  Not that the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas aren’t, but not at the same level.  There were many things happening at the same time that either began in that decade or had glory days.  The rise of cable including MTV and 24 hour news.  Stand up comedy and SNL.  Action movies.  Not just action movies but the sub genre of cold war action movies.  If Ronnie played the part of the cowboy standing up for the country, Nancy was the faithful wife always at his side who shocks everyone when she’s the only one who can make a shot.

With that said here is a (somewhat) random selection of pictures of Nancy Reagan with icons of the 1980’s.

Nancy08 Nancy07 Nancy06 Nancy05 Nancy04 Nancy03 Nancy02 Nancy01

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