“Cheese is Great in Many Shapes.”

I have fallen down the PSA rabbit hole.  With kids watching most shows via Netflix and YouTube how will they get to learn how to eat healthy and keep themselves safe?  Sure, some ad agency paid for it and there was an agenda but it was usually a noble agenda.  Making sure kids don’t die.  Making sure they eat healthy foods.  Not too shabby.

Maybe PSAs should be brought back.  Instead of waiting for an ad to load, why not have a quick PSA before all the Minecraft videos?  Hey kids here’s how to be respectful to adults, here’s why doing your homework is important, here’s why gun safety is just as important as the best gun safe.  Good things.

Anyways, this is the first of probably many memories.  This 1987 one from the Dairy Council.  The kids are most likely voiced by June Foray, and she is just an unsung talent that I’ll have to post about in the future.  I’m getting an Ed Wynn vibe from the clown.

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