Classick Team-Up! #39: ZIPLeathers from 75 Blvd. Studios


Presented by The CSPN

This episode of Classick Team-Up!, my guest is my main man 400 grand, my best friend since WAAYYYY back in the day ZIP Leathers, who runs his own music production outfit called 75 Blvd. Studios. We talk about his creative process as well as a host of other shenanigans, including close brushes with death, the 25th anniversary of New Jack City, Adios to the Dos Equis man, RIP  Nancy Reagan, Robin Thicke’s moms singing The Facts of Life, The “Speedwok” and more! Plus, a surprise guest from both of our pasts shows up later in the program.

Intro: “Breather [Instrumental]” Produced by ZIP Leathers
Intermission: Obsessed [snippet] performed by PixAlien
Outro: “Junior’s Cheesecake [Instrumental]” Produced by ZIP Leathers

Listen to Classick Team-Up: ZIP Leathers

This show is also available on iTunes, stitcher smart radio, TuneIn radio

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