Predicting the Most Unpredictable WrestleMania ever. WrestleMania 32 Predictions.




I’m totally serious.  I think this is the most unpredictable night of wrestling in a long time.  The thought that Undertaker might lose, and we all think that going into the show, makes it unpredictable enough.  Then there’s the World title match.  Plus what do you do with Brock, Dean, the Intercontinental title and more?  I’m just another voice in the crowd with no more legitimacy to my ideas than anyone else’s.  That doesn’t mean its going to stop me though.  So lets look at who might win and why.  I’ll also throw in one unpredictable idea that could happen during the match.

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. 

This year has been the Social Outcasts vs Big Show and Kane.  Six guys.  Not much of a build up for a 20 man over the top rope battle royal.  Which means that these are the only guys who matter in the match.  I see a shockingly good showing from the Social Outcasts as they band together and throw out many of the other wrestlers as a unit.  In the end it comes down to the previously named six men.  Big Show has already won this once.  There is a lot of retirement talk going on.

Winner:  Kane.

Unpredictable:  Cesaro returns and wins it.

Team Total Divas vs Team BAD and Blonde. 

With the Divas title rumors for the Raw after WrestleMania I’m seeing this match as the end of the Divas era.  A send off for some.  Adapt or die.  Well not die, but maybe don’t expect to contend for the new Womens title.  If its a send off then end it on a positive with the one woman who is most likely wrestling in her last WrestleMania and maybe last match by having her team win.

Winner:  Team Total Divas with Brie Bella getting the pinfall in her final match.

Unpredictable:  Eva Marie turns on her team after the reaction she got on Raw allowing Team BAD and Blonde to win.

The Usos vs. The Dudley Boys. 

The Dudleys returned to WWE, had some good nostalgia, turned heel and now refuse to use tables.  All in under a year.  The Usos have held the tag titles and with the insanely popular New Day leading that division they haven’t had much to do.  Extreme Rules is the next show.  Heels don’t usually beg for rematches.

Winner:  The Dudley Boys win after putting the Usos through tables.

Kaliso vs. Ryback.

WWE keeps wanting a new Rey Mysterio, a new Hispanic star, yet never seems to go all the way.  They also want to push Ryback as a star but his pushes always run out of steam as well.  Going into this match who looks to be getting a push going into spring and summer?

Winner:  Ryback with an attempt at making him a world title level heel going forward.

AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho.

AJ is in the same spot as Nakamura and Austin Aries were at NXT Takeover Dallas.  A star of this level does not have his first WrestleMania match and lose.  Then again, that is exactly what happened to Sting last yet.  However Chris Jericho is not Triple H.  And seeing the Styles Clash for the first time in WWE on the Grandest Stage of Them All would be pretty amazing.

Winner:  AJ Styles

Unpredictable:  Bullet Club?

The New Day vs The League of Nations.

I mean come on.  Come on.  Did you hear what the New Day revealed?  They’re getting a special entrance at Mania.  With unicorns.  Unicorns!  Name one person who has had unicorns at their side and lost.

Winner:  The New Day

Intercontinental Title Ladder Match.

Or, who wont be wearing the title?  Zack, Sin Cara and Stardust are out for sure.  Most likely Miz and Dolph as well.  I don’t know why none of the writers seem to care about these former World champions but its beyond obvious they are not currently anyone’s favorites.  That leaves one guy who had a Match of the Year candidate vs his greatest foe.  Now there’s a story!

Winner:  Sami Zayn who goes on to have feud of the year over the title against Kevin Owens.

Divas Title Match.

Have any of you been watching Sasha Banks WrestleMania diaries on YouTube?  Very interesting stuff.  Especially earlier today when she received a phone call confirming something awesome for WrestleMania.  Plus she is undefeated on the main roster.  Plus if there is a new title debuting on Raw who better to show off the new bling?

Winner:  Sasha Banks.

Unpredictable.  Does Bayley get called up?

Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar. 

If Brock didn’t lose to the Undertaker he’s not losing to Dean.  I don’t know when Brock will get pinned again but its not this match.  However, sometimes a wrestler looks better in defeat.  Look at Austin at WrestleMania 13.  I see Dean trying everything.  Its a Street Fight so really there could be ten counts, he could roll out of pins, all sorts of crazy things.  All of these weapons that Dean now has can and will also be used by Brock.  Lesnar comes in thinking Dean is a joke.  Hits a move, goes for the pin, gets a two.  Beats Dean down, walks away, Dean gets up.  Brock tries again and again to keep Dean down to the point where he and Paul Heyman are just in shock that this man wont stay down.  Lesnar finally beats Dean in what amounts to a mercy killing however he is compelled to show Dean some respect on the way out.

Winner:  Brock Lesnar but Dean’s going to look like a star.

Triple H vs Roman Reigns. 

I no longer think this match can be seen as standing on its own.  It has to be seen as part of the Shane vs. Undertaker match.  If Shane wins he takes over Raw.  Right away, the next night.  What better way for a new owner to make an impact than to strip the champion of the title?  Shane takes over and strips Hunter of the title, awarding it to Roman instead.  While Shane gets Raw that still leaves Smackdown.  Triple H and Stephanie take over Smackdown where Hunter is still champion.  Brand split.

Winner:  Triple H

Unpredictable:  WWE says damn the market research and Roman turns heel.  Monster heel.  He attacks and beats the hell out of Triple H to the point that the match is stopped by either the referee or by Stephanie herself.  Roman looks like such a monster that fans actually feel bad for Hunter.

Shane McMahon vs the Undertaker;

So if I’m predicting Shane to take over Raw then that must mean that he will win this match right?  Not necessarily.  The streak is over but Shane is not Brock.  Undertaker winning does nothing.  Just adds another win to his column.  But what about something other than 22-1?  It doesn’t have to be 23-1 or 22-2 next.  What if its 22-1-1?  That’s right.  I’m calling for a double count out.  Shane does some crazy spot and neither man gets up.  Shane didn’t win, but he didn’t lose either.  The WWE is thrown into chaos.  Does Shane take over Raw?  The wrestlers are split and take sides.  Brand split.

Winner:  Neither man.

Unpredictable:  You know, they Wyatt family is no where on the card.


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