Mountain Dew Pitch Black is Back.

When did Mountain Dew become the market leader in exclusive fountain drink flavors?  First there was Baja Blast, only available at Taco Bell.  Then came Santeria Blast.  Still only available at Taco Bell.  Now, from the ashes, rises once again, Pitch Black!


Check out this 360 of the Speedway cup filled with 52 ounces of Pitch Black.  Then, stay tuned all the way for my review of this beverage.



For those of you who don’t know, Pitch Black is not a new flavor.  Originally released as a Halloween themed bottled beverage in 2004, then the sequel happened in 2005.  The original was a grape flavor and part II bit back with sour grape.  Pitch Black was then shortly rereleased as part of Mountain Dew’s DEWmocracy campaign and again as a contest in the fall of 2015.

Now it is back at Speedway’s across the nation, but only as a fountain drink.  If past soda events are any clue, this will be for a limited time and Pitch Black will most likely be available in cans and bottles across the nation by fall.  Hopefully.

Because this version of Pitch Black is by far the best.  Maybe its because fountain drinks taste different than bottles and cans.  Maybe its a tweak on the flavor.  Either way this is definitely the best one yet.  The original tasted more like purple than grape.  There is a difference.  There is grape flavored items and then there are food and drinks that taste like purple food coloring.  Then the sequel had an overpowering sour flavor that eclipsed either the grape or purple flavor.  I’m not sure which one it had because the sour was so strong.

This one however is grape flavored Mountain Dew and it is delightful.  Even better Speedway is currently running a promotion in which any size fountain drink is 69 cents.  Most bang for your buck!


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