Real Life Looney Tunes.

Sometimes the quickest way somewhere is not the best way.  Especially when you’re GPS informs you to drive down a seasonal county route road during a very rainy spring.  My over 10 year old very low to the ground Buick encountered this:


Now, it doesn’t look like much in that picture but let me tell you that that puddle swallowed the front driver side of the car whole.  We were stuck.  Spinning mud and dirt and water everywhere.  My entire family in the car.  Obviously this is not a well traveled road so help isn’t about to drive by.

This was one of our most stressful and fearful moments as a family.

Now obviously I’m typing this so we’re all still alive and well but tune in tomorrow to hear how!

(Also, tweet, email or message me that you want to hear part two.  Mostly so I remember to do it tomorrow.)

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