How Penn and Teller Saved My Life.



Last night I published a teaser of a story.  My family and I had a very perilous drive down a road we probably shouldn’t have been driving down.  That will teach us to trust the GPS.  For those of you who missed it, click the link below to hear all about it.


The front left tire was submerged.  There was no chance of the wheels catching on anything in order to cause enough friction for our escape.  Between the water, the mud, and the loose gravel it appeared we were left with only two possibilities:  Keep spinning the wheels and cause the car to sink deeper into the muck OR start calling for help and hope the friends we were going to see had some idea and means to free the Buick.

What would you have done while buried in this mess?



With all hope lost, a memory from 26 years ago came forward.  Before I was driving.  Before I even legally could.  Before a wife, a child, before the means to create this website was invented.  I remember watching two geniuses on television.  Two men who combined magic with humor and a dangerous amount of intelligence.  I remember watching Penn and Teller.

Specifically the truck trick.  For those of you who don’t remember magic tricks from 1990 allow me to share the trick, and the secret behind it, in this YouTube video.


Now how on Earth did that help my situation you may ask?

My wife got out of the car to check out the situation.  Seeing the empty passenger seat locked this idea into place.  I climbed over the middle console to sit in the passenger seat.  I reached my left leg across the cup holders and all of the other usual mess in the middle.  With all of my weight on that side of the car it enabled the stuck tire to raise up.  I got my left leg within range of the gas and brake pedals and started shifting with my left hand.  One forward, one reverse, and one more forward and we were out.

I was stunned.  It worked.  Much like Penn and Teller showed me, putting more weight on one side of the vehicle can make the opposite side lighter.

My wife was beyond impressed.  This is my new talent.  This is the incredible thing I can do in front of a woman to woo her.  This is my Tao of Steve.

This is my magic.


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