Hipster Photo Frames.

I spotted this in JC Penny’s of all places. 

I don’t even know where to begin. It is that damn guy’s picture that throws everything off. Otherwise it’s a picture of some girls. Or one girl with many looks. Nothing wrong with that. Would be a cute gift for who ever she is dating. But then this guy!  He throws all of her pictures into question. Is she wearing the bathing suit and hat ironically? And what’s up with the basket on the bicycle? 

Also why go through the bother of setting up such a frame when most people throw these pictures away. Most people. I want to buy this frame and keep these pictures. Come up with an elaborate back story. 

No. Someone thought this would appeal to the like minded hipsters who see a kindred framed spirit and then they would buy the product. In 2016. At JC Penny’s. 

I’m hoping there’s an entire line. I have a wall to fill. 

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