Still Fighting After All These Years.

Did you know that The Lockhorns comic strip is almost 50 years old? 48 to be exact. 

Over that near half century the strip has never changed focus. Bickering married couple. That’s it. An occasional appearance by the marriage counselor, the bartender, or the mother in law. But that’s it. Do the Lockhorns have kids? Best friends? Co workers? Who knows. 

While so many older comic strips wear out their welcome I have to admit. The Lockhorns still make me laugh. I’m fact I laughed so hard on Sunday it inspired this article. 

Now I realize this joke may have been around forever. It could be a television or movie staple. But it is the first time I heard it and I thought it was the funniest damn thing I’ve heard in awhile. 

So congratulations Lockhorns. Still making people laugh for generations. 

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