Drew Gulak and Dasher Hatfield lay it all on the line…

CHIKARA plays Toronto on July 23rd!

It’s been 4 years since we paid a visit to Toronto, Ontario – so we’re bringing a double dose of the fun-filled lucha super party this time around! Join us at 2:00 pm on July 23rd for “When Nature Calls,” at the Franklin Horner Community Center!

Everything is on the line in the main event match-up – the first ever meeting of Dasher Hatfield and Drew Gulak! Both men come into this match with two points toward a title shot, one of them will leave with the elusive third point, the other will be sent back to square one, and have to begin the journey all over again! Who will walk out of “When Nature Calls” as the #1 contender?

The importance of this match isn’t lost on Dasher Hatfield, you can hear his comments in this just-published YouTube exclusive!

Earlier this week, a monstrous match-up was made official for “When Nature Calls” on July 23rd! The goblin Kobaldlooks to lock fangs with Evil Uno! The last time we saw Uno, he was certainly…less threatening?…than he is now. What’s happened to the fun-loving gamer since then? And what does Kobald bring to the table in the wake of our last live event, “Tightrope“?

Very few reserved tickets remain for this tour stop! Grab em now!

CHIKARA: When Nature Calls
Saturday afternoon, July 23rd!
Live @ The Franklin Horner Community Center
432 Horner Avenue in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Season 16 tour info here!

Upcoming Season 16 Tour Stops:
Toronto, ON
Easton, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Haverhill, MA
Chicago, IL

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