The Same Melania Trump Pictures Everyone Else Has, but with Commentary.

First, here are the pictures:

melania_trump_03 melania_trump_02 melania_trump_01


Edited, safe for viewing.  All credit to original photographer.


Now, she is of course a very nice looking woman.  When these pictures were taken and today.  But the body and head do not appear to match.  The body in every shot looks like the body of a confidant woman who is showing off a very toned body she has worked hard to create and maintain.  She is aware of other people in the room and that many thousands more will see the same pictures and has nothing but confidence.  Good for her.

But the face.

The face is the face of an attractive woman in the grocery store who gets that sixth sense feeling she’s being watched and whips her head around just in time to see some pervert taking a picture of her booty.

The woman posing for these photographs should not also have a look of bewilderment over where the cameras came from.


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