Pop Culture League Shelfie.

The former League of Extraordinary Bloggers returns under the new name of the Pop Culture League.  I guess Universal Title was already taken.

Since the heydays of the League I have been up to a lot.  Changing jobs again and again.  Having a child. Trying to find time to still be a geek while raising a new generation of geek.

Thankfully wee man is attracted to bright shiny cartoons and will say “this one” when something looks interesting on Hulu.  Thank goodness he has because it led my wife and I to discover Steven Universe.

I will write something much more in depth later on the impact of Steven Universe but for now check out this brand new shelf collection.

These figures are 8 bucks a pop at Game Stop and we just found out there are exclusives for other stores.  What was meant to be a new collection for us has become a new bath time toy for the kid.  Still though these toys are great.  Good size, great detail and best of all is the hunt.  Blind boxes are better than blind bags.  Bags can be squeezed and usually the mystery is solved before opening.  But a box?  Well its buy them all or fail and so far it looks like we have spent…. You know what, I don’t want to think about that.


I have a new obsession. Steven Universe and blind box toys.

Hey, who else is writing for the League?

Cool and Collected








Check out my new friend Tim at


There are so much more too.  Click on this link and read all the posts in the comments section.



    • Its a great show for anyone. Thank you for enjoying it and consider yourself followed as well. Great site you have there!

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