Pop Culture League – Gold Medal Thrifting.

Its another week for the Pop Culture League.  This week’s assignment, which you can find at http://coolandcollected.com/pop-culture-league-challenge-olympic-medal-winner/ is

If _____ was an Olympic sport, I’d have a gold medal around my neck.

What’s something you are really, really good at doing?


Well, just take a look at the following picture:



Let me explain what’s going on here.  This is the thrifting pile.  Stuff I have found at Salvation Army, junk shops, yard sales, and more.  Stuff I intend to re-sell for a profit.  I like to focus on the geek, the pop culture, the dead media but I wont say no to anything that looks worth it.

But how is this Olympic level you may ask?

Because it supported a family when it had to.

Lately, I haven’t been out hunting or selling as much, because I finally after years of turmoil have a job I am enjoying.  But this is after four job stops in three years.  Closed, closed, closed, shut down.  I am the Shiva of business.  I am here to destroy.

While I searched for something new I started hustling on the eBay.  A little here and a little there and oh look rent is paid.  We have groceries.  The lights are on.  When the chips were down I picked them up, took nice pictures, sold them, and then bought actual chips to eat.

And that’s why Olympians bite their medals.


Hey, who else is writing about the League this week?








There are much more listed at Cool and Collected and more all the time.


  1. Awesome. It’s unfortunate that you’ve had job struggles, but the fact that thrifting got you through it is great. My basement looks kind of like this. My problem is tat I buy things with the intent of selling them, and then don’t — for a long, long time. Keep at it man!

  2. This definitely deserves an 80s style slow clap.It’s amazing that you were able to do something most of do for kicks to support your family. Kudos!

  3. We all have job struggles, it is the most conmon thing!
    If your re-sell bussiness helps to support your family, go on! keep up the good work! 😀

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