Over-analyzing The Chipmunk Adventure – Miss Miller.




Welcome to a series of posts this week about the Chipmunk Adventure.  Yes, the classic hot air balloon chase movie from the 80s.  The Chipmunks have a new show on Nickelodeon that my son loves so on a whim I put in the DVD for one of my childhood favorites.  The good news is he loves it.  The bad news is that I have now watched this movie dozens of times and we’re heading towards hundreds.  Which means my mind is going places it didn’t go when I was younger.  Places like looking into this movie way too much.  Today we start with the woman who was supposed to babysit the Chipmunks during this movie, Miss Miller.


Now, according to Chipmunk lore as I understand it, Miss Miller is the neighbor to David.  Which calls into question her introduction to the movie.  Why would we hear a car arrive at the house?  Miss Miller can clearly walk around.  She could have walked next door.  My best guess is it was the sound of her pulling into her own driveway, poorly, and then she entered the Chipmunk homestead.

Now making fun of an old woman who is fooled by phone calls or easily tricked isn’t ripe for over analyzing.  That’s just classic writing tropes.  What is odd though is the circumstances around one of those phone calls.

David thinks he sees Alvin and the boys (which he did, but he doesn’t know that yet) and decides to call home to check up on them.  Miss Miller answers and they have an odd yet hysterical conversation.  Dave hangs up exasperated.  Miss Miller dances.  Cut and scene.

But lets take a step back.



Dave calls home.  His house.  To check up on his kids.  The Chipmunks.  Who are not there.  Because they are in the hot air balloon race.  But Miss Miller thinks they are with Dave.  And coming back with him.  Thus not at the house.

So why is Miss Miller still at the house to answer the phone?!  And baking a cake?!

If you are babysitting, and your babysitting services are no longer needed you go home!  Go home!  You do not stay for days, possibly weeks, and bake cakes.  The only time a babysitter stays even though the kids are gone is if its the opening for a porno and the first thing the babysitter says is “oh I fell asleep”.

Even if we play devil’s advocate and assume the Chipmunk house is nicer than Miss Miller’s she should at least go home to check on the Chippettes.  That’s right.  We forgot about that didn’t we?  How did the girls get permission to go on this adventure?  Miss Miller was made their ward in the cartoon series.  Letting three minor rodents loose on an around the world journey is a great way to assure yourself a CPS visit.  Yes.  Chipmunk Protective Services.

In the next few days I plan on discussing the penguin, the child prince, the sexualization of the Chipettes, and the turn around time to make dolls.

Stay tuned!


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