Over-Analyzing The Chipmunk Adventure – The Arabian Prince.

Welcome to another segment of over analyzing the 1987 movie, The Chipmunk Adventure.


Today we look at that unforgettable character.  What was his name?  Oh, he was never given one.  The boy who wished for Brittany to be one of his many brides.  The Arabian Prince.

You know, this kid.


Now why would I waste an entire post about this kid?  Well, because while you may not realize it this Prince has influenced the last 30 years of your life.

Lets take a look at his brief appearance in the movie.


Go back and really listen to that laugh.  Once more.  Familiar?

The Arabian Prince is voiced by Nancy Cartwright.  Nancy has also been the voice of Bart Simpson from the beginning of The Simpsons.  Way back to the Tracy Ullman Show days.  In fact, The Simpsons is such a touchstone of pop culture that seemingly insignificant details have been recorded.  Details like when Nancy first auditioned for the role of Bart Simpson.

That happened on March 13, 1987.  The Chipmunk Adventure was released on May 22, 1987.  It is almost a certainty that the voices for the Chipmunk movie were recorded well before release date.  Most likely before March as well.  Which would mean the Arabian Prince is quite possibly the voice template of one Bartholomew JoJo Simpson.


One comment

  1. Whoa. I never realized this. And I freaking love this movie. Watched the clip thinking I wouldn’t notice anything new, I’ve seen it a million times, and it was hard to shake the image of the Arabian Prince and hear Bart until…the laugh. You’re so right. I got a chill.

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