Over-Analyzing The Chipmunk Adventure – Penguins.

Once again, I’m taking a far too detailed look at the classic animated movie, The Chipmunk Adventure.


Today’s installment, penguins.



During the course of the movie the Chipettes are taken by an Arabian Prince (see yesterday’s article) and given a baby penguin as a gift.  Eleanor, the Theodore of the girls, decides to pause the hot air balloon race and take the baby penguin back to its family.  Specifically, its mother.  This leads to the girls singing a ballad which apparently went viral last year when a toddler bawled her little eyes out over the song.


All of this is good and sweet and I remember feeling just as choked up as a kid.  In fact, I got a little emotional watching it with my son while my wife and his mother was gone for the evening.  If only there was a way for my son to think of his mother.  Some sort of reminder.  Like a locket.

Why is the penguin wearing a locket with a picture of its mother inside?!


Now, there may be a little known example but for the most part within the mythology of the Chipmunks there is only one species which has crossed the divide between animals and humans and learned how to walk, talk and most of all sing like human beings.  However, just below the anthropomorphic bell curve appear to be penguins.



Not only does this penguin have a locket, but there is also a bed.  A carved wooden bed.  Inside of an igloo. Best case scenario, some Eskimos abandoned their igloo homes and scroll saw assisted custom bedding then the penguins took over like avian squatters.

Worst case, someone in the Arabian Prince’s entourage kidnapped a child from a species that is just below man and munk-kind in brain size.  At this point it would be like assaulting a chimp or a dolphin.

Some knowledge of geography confirms my worst fears.  Not only did the penguins build their own homes, ice and wood and all, but this advanced society then had their young ripped from their flippers in the dead of night.  How can I be sure of this?

Because penguins are in the Southern Hemisphere and igloos were used by the Inuit people of the Northern Hemisphere.

Literally a world apart.  These penguins didn’t take igloo homes nor were they influenced by people.  Their dwellings of choice were created at the same time without any knowledge of the other society.  This is like pyramids on multiple continents.

The Chipettes got off light in their penguin rescue mission.  First off, they were far far more than “1,000 miles off course”.  More like nearly 9,000 miles, depending on where in Antarctica (or the greater Southern Hemisphere) this penguin community resided.  Which, it should be pointed out, is a remarkable feat to find.  Somehow among millions of penguins the Chipettes found the right ones.  That little chick must have had a GPS inside the locket.  Global Penguin System of course.

Also, while the Chipmunks and Chipettes do have certain human qualities thankfully they still have their fur and the ability to insulate during cold months.  The average temperature in Antarctica during winter months is -49 Celsius.  Even a slightly warmer location would still be bitterly cold for humans.  But not for humanoid chipmunks thankfully.

Lastly, have you ever made a snowball?  Many, repeatedly, and thrown them at an adversary as quickly as they can be made?  If so, did you do this often?  Finally, the big question.  Was this easier while wearing mittens or gloves?  Gloves of course!  More freedom of movement with your fingers.  And don’t forget that opposable thumb too!  So, how on Earth are these penguins so adept at making multiple snowballs to ward off the Chipettes attackers?


Probably the same way they became so gifted in wood shop.


One comment

  1. Lmfao I WISH I could meet the guy who wrote this. Pure comedy! I’m an auditor for a bank in a bitter cold state in the midwest. I’m working late and I’m literally crying laughing 😂😂😂😂So glad I came across this. I loved this little movie when I was little.
    Idk why but this is extremely hilarious to me.😄🙋🏾‍♀️

    Gen X Geek Dad and Pop Trash Culture Discussion.

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