The Superhero Dream Team.

I was recently asked what my dream super hero team would be.  No restrictions, just an incredible team.  It took me much time to think of who would be best and who would compliment each other.  Or, at least, conflict enough to create interesting story lines.  I felt like Captain America during an Avengers membership drive.



If you would also like to create your own fantasy super hero team check out the resources of Invaluable. They have all sorts of comic book and comic book based resources to inspire you.

Speaking of Captain America, I bet you think he would be my leader for this team.  No, if I want interesting conflict I will be choosing Hawkeye as team leader.  Even better, he’s bringing Mockingbird with him.  Not the one who was missing while her Skrull replacement ran loose.  No, the 1980s version who lived on the West Coast with him.  The one he was married to and trusted completely.  I want Hawkeye to be a leader, but a conflicted leader.  He’s always the first to lead the charge and take the hit for the team in battle.  But in private, he needs someone he trusts to showcase just how flawed he is.  Someone he can confess to.  That he doesn’t think he will ever be the leader Cap is, even though he would never voice that publicly.  Throw in the fact that Mockingbird is a SHIELD trained super hero and this team is already looking good.


Now I need someone for Hawkeye to be in conflict with.  But someone he can work well with also.  Philosophical differences and rage all the time, but someone that has his back in battle.  Plus, the kind of power a team like this would need.  As Hawkeye is a Green Arrow analog, lets team him up with Green Lantern.  And just for extra fun, make it Guy Gardner.


I feel that a team like this would need an older consul.  Someone who brings years of wisdom, a sort of strength, can lead when needed but can play with a team as well.  A mediator who can find the balance.  A throwback to the past.  Perhaps, to the Bronze age.  For my wise strong elder role I select Doc Savage.


There has to be a wild card in here.  If not chronology immature then mentally so.  A weapon to be unleashed on any enemy, but one that could always snap and be the team’s own worst enemy.  An outcast, an alien if you will.  And one with just enough story to care but not too much so his story line potentials are wide open.  In the Hulk role I cast, Pitt!


I need a rogue.  I need someone there for his own benefit.   Someone who the team cant truly trust but is stuck with.  Yet, someone not completely over exposed too.  Rogues are great fun but run the risk of being in the spotlight too much when they are usually meant to be supporting characters. Not a Deathstroke or Deadpool, too big, but someone aware of those characters trying to carve their own path despite the sins of the father.  Your team rogue will be, Rose Wilson!


Now for the youth.  The kid in over his head.  Learning, trying to keep up, in the way and over matched but destined to save the day and sometimes he does by accident.  There is only one teen super hero I ever fell in love with and would want to see learn all about great power and great responsibility in this role.  The Masked Marvel himself.  Speedball!


That is my team of greatness.  What would yours be?


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