Pop Culture League: Zombies.

I have been woefully ignoring the League lately.  Some nights, which turn into some weeks, end up too busy to even open up my laptop, much less get some writing done on it.  Usually its a quick post from my phone.  But tonight fates are aligning so lets talk about this week’s topic:


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I love the Walking Dead show.  I’m about a year behind on the comic.  Night of the Living Dead, Shaun of the Dead, iZombie, and all of the other stuff across the years.  I even bought Marvel’s MAX reboot of Zombie because the action starts at Fort Drum NY which is a stone’s throw from where I grew up.  Sure its all fantasy and fun, but what about the “real”?  Well, for that there is only one source.  Max Brooks.


Between Max Brook’s two books, World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide, any reader can learn how to survive.  No, not how to survive zombies.  How to survive a catastrophic break down of society.  Let me explain…

All good zombie tales are not about the zombies.  They are about something else with the zombies used as a fantasy element to get people on board with preaching about society’s true ills.  Night of the Living Dead is about racism for example.  Class wars, consumerism, and on and on.  Much like Star Trek gave us medicine to look at civil and women’s rights with the candy coating of sci fi, zombie tales use flesh eating to make our real issues easier to swallow.

One of those very real issues is what comes next.  What do we do, where do we go if this all falls apart?

The east coast blackout wasn’t that long ago and while everyone was good with a day or two there was still the cloud of doubt covering most of a country.  What if the power doesn’t come back?  What do we do then?  Half of what we have relies on electricity and the other half on such a large network of companies and programs working together that it would be impossible for any of us to understand it on our own.  Or rebuild it on our own.

In this insane election year one of the few things both sides have in common is that they believe its the end of America if the opponent is elected.  Martial law through the land!  Alright then, let me turn to my zombie guides to know what to do when everyone is out for themselves.  Fill everything that can hold water with water.  Get above the first floor and take out the stairs.  Check and check.

Seriously, I know where I’m going, what I’m bringing.  How long to wait.  When to move.  Alternate routes.  All of it.  Stay away from the cities!

While we all love the gore and the drama around zombie tales lets look at it from another perspective.  As a Boy Scout manual from the future.


See what direction the rest of the League took with this week’s assignment at some of the following links!





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