Mountain Dew Mango Heat Review.

It’s also a promotion for Titanfall 2! This means nothing to me. I just wanted to try a new soda. 

Most of these yearly Game Fuel flavors are color changes but not really flavor changes. Mango Heat surprised me. 

First there is the mango flavor. Surprisingly strong. Take one sip and then take a step back. Oh right. That’s what mango tastes like. Then you remember you like mango and decide to enjoy. 

There’s not really a heat but there is a subtle heat like after taste. More of a spice or a kick. A little something extra in there. Like a recipe with a small dash of cinnamon for flavor that hits your tongue on the sixth bite. It’s there but it will take a bit to notice. 

Overall a surprising new flavor. Above Pitch Black and Sangria Blast in my book but still below Baja. 

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