Welcoming Baby ROKU Into the House.

Its 2017.  A new year, new beginnings, new toys!

We finally have a Roku.

Its a Roku 2, and we have the usual HDMI WiFi set up.  Middle ground stuff, not top of the line anything.  But I am already obsessed with it and exploring the hell out of the thousands of channels.

The CW Seed.  Are you kidding me?  12 seasons of Whose Line is it Anyway?  Vixen, which I have been dying to watch but didn’t want to watch on a small screen.

Hasbro Kids (Free version).  GI Joe and Transformers cartoons.  And someone sneaked in the Conan cartoon.  This will be played often.

I’ve already fallen in love with Pluto TV and added the Shout Factory channel as well.  Of course the usual, Netflix Hulu and such.

I see there are private channels as well.  Kids, go to bed.

But I also got a lot of hits on this site yesterday, which means many of you are out there reading.  So, I’m looking for suggestions.  What channels should I add?  What content should I be finding on here?  There is so much to discover it will take me forever.  I might even have channel reviews on here throughout the year.


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