Remembering the Perfect Day.

There are so many horrible days out there.  Terrible days at work, Election Day, most of 2016.

Then there are the average days.  The days when you go to bed and think what the hell did I do all day?  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either.  It just feels like a wasted 24 hours.

Then there is the rare perfect day.

This post isn’t to gloat.  Its not to think for one moment my life is better than anyone else’s.  It isn’t.  We’ve been through some crap the last couple years.  So much so that a good day gives enough positive reinforcement to carry the whole family through into the next one, no matter how long that takes.

I had the day off.  Usually, I get up whenever the toddler starts making noises on my days off.  My wife sleeps in and whenever she wakes up I lay back down for a couple hours.  Great for sleep, but by the end of this process most of the day is gone and we have spent zero time together.  This day though I felt well rested and didn’t need to go back to bed.  She asked if I would be interested in travelling about 15-20 miles away to the nearest mall and shopping area.  A fine plan.

We went to every store we wanted to go to.  We found fun things to buy.  Then we drove around and went to more stores.  More fun items.  Even a stop at the local comic book shop.  In the middle of this we went out to lunch.  Through it all my three year old son was on his best behavior.

This was the most perfect part of the day.  He didn’t cry, he didn’t throw a temper tantrum.  We didn’t walk into a store or restaurant and have to leave right away because he decided so.  It was just a wonderful day out with the family.

I write this because I want to remember the day forever.  I want to write it on a calendar and celebrate it like a holiday.  If you told me the next perfect day would be on X date I would count the days and mark them off.  I would create an Advent calendar.  I would request three days off in a row.  The actual day, plus the day before to get ready and the day after to come down from the high.

There is so much crap in the world and in most of our lives.  Its important to take a little bit of time to praise the few bright spots.


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