Monsters Unleashed Preview Review.

Recently finer comic book shops received a free preview of the January starting Marvel Comics event, Monsters Unleashed.  This 5 part core story (plus a handful of side comics) tells the tale of giant monsters invading and destroying much of the new Marvel Universe.  Heroes must team up to stop this threat and hopefully contain it so it never happens again. Does this preview achieve the goal of making me want to spend money on the full series?  Lets find out.


I have absolutely become one of “those” comic book readers.  I’m tired of the reboots, the constant changes, all of that.  I am much more likely to dig through the dollar bins and get a run of some previously loved comics from the 80s or 90s than to spend $4-5 on a new comic today.  But I do try to stay up to date with this eighth incarnation of Marvel.  So what does a lapsed reader think?

Its super heroes fighting monsters.  What more could anyone want?  It doesn’t matter than Falcon is called Captain America.  Costumers don’t matter.  I don’t care if its Peter or Miles being called Spider-Man (turns out they are both part of the event, but that’s besides the point).  IT is a fun story that requires minimal continuity knowledge about iconic characters fighting larger than life threats.  This is what comics are all about!

Much is made about all five issues having a different super star artist, but not enough hype is given to Cullen Bunn for giving weight to the story.  This could very easily be phoned in, but I want to know where these monsters are from, how can heroes who struggle with one defeat many, and what do these monsters do to Marvel’s history and/or future?  All this in just the preview!  Issues 1-5 may have just been purchased.

But what of the side stories?  Based on the previews I’ll say that if you already like the character, or their main books, you’ll like the Monsters Unleashed one offs.  Spider-Man/Deadpool preview had me searching out back issues.  This is some great banter and could go down as one of the best buddy books of all time.  Champions has that great teen team feel I’ve been looking for since the original New Warriors series.  Inhumans and some of the other titles that I never got into (through no fault of any creators, just some things aren’t for everyone) didn’t do anything to get me to change that tune.

Marvel should always do these preview books and finer comic book shops would be wise to always have these on hand to guarantee increased orders.

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