Lenore: Purple Nurples Review.

From Roman Dirge and Titan Books.


Years ago the good folks at Titan Books sent me this graphic novel to review.  Then I had a kid and life got out of control and now that he is a bit more independent and I make time to read and write, its time to catch up!  Years of parenting have made me wonder what other demented twisted children are out there in the world?  As if by summoning, Lenore enters my life.

Purple Nurples is the fifth collection of Lenore stories, this one specifically collecting Volume 2, issues 4-7.  Lenore is the cute little dead girl.  With a name inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, it should be no shock that this book contains dark imagery, twisted thoughts, and some of the strangest images ever set to paper.  For a scary looking dead girl, Lenore has a rather large supporting cast, each one just as screwed up as the next.  Mr Taxidermy being the stand out creation.  A stand out as in he will go from page to standing out in your nightmares.  One of the more disturbing and uncomfortable characters to ever appear in four color.

Despite all this fright, there is something adorable and in a strange way, wholesome, about Lenore.  She is deep down just a kid trying to do good for her friends with all the wide eyed innocence.  Sure those friends could be undead.  Birthday clowns aren’t quite what they seem.  Giving a “pet” a best last day isn’t as simple as it sounds.  But through it all her heart is in the right place, even though it no longer beats.

While “Hot Topic” is a dirty phrase, if that phrase reminds you of anyone you know this book and the entire Lenore series is a perfect gift idea.  A comic collection that delves into the darker parts of life (and the after life) but has all of the best of intentions.  In a world that seems to get worse, no matter how hard we try to change that, Lenore can give inspiration to keep trying.  She turns the death and horrors around her into friends and assets.  A great and well timed lesson for us all.

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