Major Advertising Error?

I have a rewards card with one of the major gas station and convince stores in the area. Thus, occasionally I receive emails for deals. Like today’s email: 

Let’s break this down. Packs 1, 2, and 3 are logical. Pack 4 seems a bit too good of a deal. Those pizzas are just over a dollar each under that deal. Not a lot of profit to be made. But maybe there was some great deal at the distribution level. 

Then there’s Pack 5. Someone messed up. Two bags of chips and two 2 liters should not cause a $19 price jump. However is Pack 4 was supposed to be $30 then the chips and soda are totally worth $9 more. 

I very much suspect the beer pack should have been $30 and this one digit typo is going to cause major headaches and a huge monetary loss. 

I’m off to get pizza and beer before the mistake is realized! 

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