Selling Resolutions.

At the start of the year everyone has their New Year’s Resolutions.  One of the most common is to lose weight, get in shape, your wording of choice.  Last Monday was called the “most depressing day of the year”.  It is the day when most people have failed at their resolutions, its a three day weekend full of cold and snow, and the knowledge that it will still be months before any of that changes.  Months from now, what of those failed resolutions?  Specifically, what happens to the purchases once one accepts the changes aren’t going to happen.  Well, they get sold off in garage sales if you’re lucky.  If you’re not lucky, then its time to beg anyone to take this burden off of your hands.  For example:


This was one of our best discoveries during past garage sale season.  So desparate to get rid of this exercise equipment that a person is literally willing to pay someone to take it.  Yes, we did debate on it but there would be no way to get it home nor no room once it is here.

If you have any similar stories please share them below:


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