3 Year Olds Destroy the Best Laid Plans.

Day off today. Big plans. Cleaned, showered. Whole family was ready. Grocery shopping on the agenda. Then thrifting. May have even gone to the secret thrift spot today. Everything was set. 

And then the projectile vomit began. 

I don’t know what combination of foods caused this, but I do know that milk went in and cheese cake out. Also, bile cheese is near impossible to clean out of carpet. 

Three throw up rounds later and I have decided it’s a camp out night. Wee man on a mattress in the living room. Me on the couch for the night with the whole pharmacy here. 

I’m thinking this is a good time to watch some things.  That Cannon films documentary. Some wrestling. Play with the Roku. But most likely I’ll just be watching him all night. 

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