Drawing Under the Influence Review.

Drawing Under the Influence: A collection of Mixed Drink Wednesday comics from July 2012 to October 2013.

From Drunken Cat comics, Brian Canini, and Derek Baxter.


What can I say about Drunken Cat comics that hasn’t been said already?  About other delinquent geniuses.  I’m ready to categorize them with the best of the smart, and the best of the wrong out there.  Those jokes that simultaneously offend, tease your brain, and create envy that you didn’t think of it first.  If your group of friends have the type of humor that scares some away and takes others months to “get” then every release from Drunken Cat comics is for you.

Drawing Under the Influence is over a year’s worth of weekly comics from Brian and Derek.  All of your favorites and some new ones are here.  The origins and continuing adventures of everyone’s favorite Drunken Cat himself.  A too smart for his own good caveman.  Marty the Maggot, who despite all intentions is becoming one of my all time favorite characters.  All of these hits and more, in bite size shareable installments.

Remember pre internet when people would print out things that they maybe shouldn’t and post them up at work?  This book is full of that.  Do you love challenging those who throw “altfacts” at you?  Then print out, or better yet buy them a copy of this book, and show them “Because of Air”.  It hits a little too close to home in 2017 but you know all good art does speak through time.

I think “Cooler than Cool” might be my favorite.  Most stories of alcohol involve the drinker becoming worse as more booze is put in.  Its great to switch up this idea.

Really though to tell every story is a disservice to the fantasticly crafted jokes inside.  The best recommendation for a funny book is the least said.  While there are some teases in this review it is only the barest of spoilers for all the eye rolling and side splitting humor waiting for new readers to discover.  Drunken Cat comics, as always, comes with the highest of recommendations.


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