The Drug of Social Media.

Lately I’ve been evaluating how much time I spend across all of the social media apps. I love knowledge and information, so in theory these platforms should be an infinite source. 

However we all know that to not be true. Gossip, alt facts and things that just don’t matter abound. Of course I was entertained by the latest “people try eating blank for the first time” video. But what did it do for me?  Also, what could I have done with that time? 

Social media is being called a drug and it’s a hard habit to break. I put in a strong effort today to be online less but it was equal if not more. I could spend time with family, get chores done, read, watch, create. All of which is going to mean more in life than finding out why I won’t believe which one is number 8. 

Are there any other addicts out there?  Does anyone have a 12 step program that works?  Maybe we could start one. Monthly meetings. Organized on Face… I see a problem. 

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