The Annual 25 Things I Would Rather Watch Today than the Super Bowl.

The annual tradition has returned!



To recap, I am not a sports fan.  I can appreciate it if I am in a situation in which I need to but otherwise I will never watch sports on my own.  The Super Bowl is a big event every year and most people feel obligated to watch it.  I am here to show you that there are options.  25 of them to be exact.

The rules are:

The Super Bowl is scheduled from 630-10 PM.  Any of the 25 options must take place within that time period.

Marathons count as one choice.

It must be something I would actually watch any other day of the year by choice, not due to lack of options.  I cant decide, for example, that I would watch Fishing with Billy Bob just to pad the numbers.

It must be on regular network or cable.  No Netflix, no pay per view, no DVDs.

On to the choices!

  1.  How I Met Your Mother.  WGN.  630 plus.  Marathon.
  2. COPS.  Spike TV.  630 plus.  Marathon.
  3. South Park.  Comedy Central.  630 plus.  Marathon.
  4. Friends.  MTV.  630.
  5. Parks and Recreation.  Esquire.  630 plus.  Marathon.
  6. Family Feud.  Game Show Network.  630.
  7. SpongeBob SquarePants.  Nick2.  630.
  8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Nick Toons.  630.
  9. NCIS.  CBS.  8.
  10. Americas Funniest Home Videos.  ABC.  7.
  11. Harlem Globetrotters Southern California Special.  ESPN2.  730.
  12. Full House.  Nickelodeon.  9.
  13. Mega Shark vs Kolossu.  Syfy.  7.
  14. American Pickers.  History Channel.  Marathon.
  15. The Walking Dead.  AMC.  Marathon.
  16. The Brak Show.  Cartoon Network.  8
  17. Space Ghost Coast to Coast.  Cartoon Network.  815.
  18. Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.  Cartoon Network.  830.
  19. SeaLab 2021.  Cartoon Network.  845.
  20. Casablanca.  TCM.  8.
  21. The Simpsons.  FXX.  Marathon.
  22. Star Trek.  BBC America.  Marathon.
  23. Everybody Loves Raymond.  TV Land.  Marathon.
  24. World’s Most Amazing Videos.  Chiller.  Marathon.
  25. Conan the Barbarian.  El Rey.  7

And just for fun:


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