Make Content. Make Money.

We all want to feel like our time is worth it. Worth it meaning our actions have a feeling of reward. We want to feel we matter at work. We want our family time to be quality. And we want our posts in the expanse of the Internet to reap some rewards. 

So when this came through my feed today it floored me. This is from Paul Heyman quoting Vince McMahon: 

“I focus on revenue-producing public statements. Anything else is a waste of my time, and my time is limited. I have things to do.”


This flows directly into the ongoing discussion on paying for content. Freelancers frequently are asked to provide content for free. “For exposure.” And we do. I write for free and I share for free. And then I wonder which bill can be paid late with the least amount of penalties. 

This is absolutely good advice. Now the question is how to execute it. 


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