Is It This Difficult to Have Kids Read?

No one reads enough. I don’t, most adults don’t, kids don’t. There’s just not enough time and too many responsibilities and distractions. 

I’m all for tricking people to read. Putting the actor’s face on the mass market re release of the book that inspired the latest tv show or movie is a long used trick. 

But this. This just seems sad. 

This is more than an attractive cover. While the Robin Hood cover invokes Link and Mario the Treasure Island one is just a mess. It’s part Minecraft part Wolf/Doom. 

It’s trickery but to what end? Both books are still a hard read for certain ages. Honestly a comic would be an easier adaptation for young readers. 

Maybe it’s a life lesson. “Kids, this is what’s known as a bait and switch. Get used to it. It’s going to be a cause of pain in many forms for the rest of your lives.” 

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