Today in Local News. A Story of Sex and Theft.



I honestly couldn’t believe this story when I saw it in my local news feed.  I’ll quote the full story and then let’s break down the details.

A Rome man has been arrested and is facing charges of petty larceny and Criminal Possession of Stolen Property following an investigation into the theft of sex toys from a residence. On March 22nd., 2017, Rome police responded to an address on N. Levitt Street for a reported larceny. An adult female victim reported an unknown person had removed the items from her bedroom. A suspect was developed and on Friday, March 24th., officers located and interviewed him. He was subsequently arrested for the theft and possession of the stolen items and was issued an appearance ticket returnable to Rome City Court at a later date. The defendant in this case is identified as a 17 year old male. His name is being withheld as he may be eligible for youthful offender status. The stolen items were recovered.



Where to begin?

The “Adult female victim” discovered her sex toys stolen from her bedroom.  Let’s start there.  One, she is absolutely a victim and no one wants to feel like they are not safe in their own home.  But the details of this.  One, they were in her bedroom.  Which means these are most likely personal and this is not a woman who hosts toy shows for bachlorette parties.  Second, her first thought was to call the police over this.  Most people would be mortified and just write off the dollar loss then move on with their day.  Angry, disgusted, but moved on.  Not her.  She would not let this lie and chose to take matters into her own hands.  I mean, by calling the police.  Not because her toys were gone.

Next, over two days a “suspect was developed” then located, interviewed, and arrested.  Over two days this woman more than likely knew it was “that boy” and had enough suspicion for the police to work with.  Thus the question of who is this 17 year old boy in relation to the woman?  There are two options.

Either this person entered her house, her bedroom, stole items, and left.  Or it is someone she knows.  Option one fails because of the charges.  There is no charge of trespassing, breaking and entering, or similar.  Therefore this woman knew the thief.  This is a friend, a family member, or a friend of a family member.  Now, let’s eliminate a family member because in a story that is already gross that would make it even worse.  Considering age it is probably not a friend.  Therefore it is a friend of a family member.

Which means there is a very embarrassed son right now who cannot believe that not only did his friend take his mom’s sex toys, but that his mom has sex toys and also his mom had his friend arrested.

Consider this poor kid’s day at school.  Just because there are no names given does not mean that everyone doesn’t know what happened.  The whole class knows, and in far more detail than this article provides.  Poor kid is going to have to transfer in his senior year just to get away from this.


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