Marvel Blames Diversity.

Marvel has blamed low sales on diversity. Time to go back to status quo. No one wants these characters. Can’t be any other reason. 

Let’s look at a previous time of changing characters. Check out this line up. 

Now of course this isn’t diversity as meant today but I want to use it to make a point. 

How many long time comic readers know exactly what’s going on there? Why the Hulk was gray. Steve Rogers as The Captain. And so on. 

We all know the tales. 

But how many of us read them? 

The basic arc of the stories were known to all. The villain of the month or details of plot were for long time readers. But we all knew what was happening. And it was good. 

What is happening in Marvel today though? Who’s history is still intact and how many versions exist? No one can read every title for the one panel that expands upon this year’s long all encompassing arc. 

If I only read Captain America and enjoyed Acts of Vengeance I didn’t have to read anything more. There was enough exposition in the issue to tell me the hero, the villain, and the overall information relevant in the shared universe. 

Every comic is someone’s first. 

But now every comic seems to be someone’s last. 

I just want to sit down, read a good tale and that’s it. If I enjoy it I’ll buy the next. Maybe I will find another character interesting and buy another book he or she appears in. 

But not every book by one company because maybe something matters but maybe not. 

Captain America is a wolf, or young again, or replaced. All I have to do is buy Cap. Any issue. A good writer will get me caught up to speed and now I just enjoy the next 20-30 pages. 

Captain America is Hydra, maybe, and if you read Secret Wars and Civil War 2 and the upcoming Empire and these books. Stop! These comics are already over priced, now I have to buy dozens for one story? 

If I want to watch The Simpsons I watch it. I don’t need to watch Mister Ed to find out why Bart is evil and then buy a DVD set of Kojak to discover Homer’s past and then two years later get part two. 

I just want a good story. 

Dollar bins are by far the better investment and lately more enjoyable. 

There’s plenty to read for cheap and if that well ever runs out then in a few years I’ll pick up Endless Wars part 37 in the quarter bin. 

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