Comic Movie’s First Easter Egg?

Most searches for “Easter eggs” today brought up movie trailers. It’s funny that now we just expect winks and nods to a bigger universe. But it wasn’t always that way. In fact it wasn’t that long ago that we went years without any super hero movies.

Which brought me back to remembering the crazy mark out moment of Angela in the Spawn movie.

Was this the first Easter egg?  I don’t remember any in Superman or Batman or, well, that was pretty much it back then.


See the woman’s earrrings? That is Spawn’s symbol, everyone needed a symbol. Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man are easily identifiable ones. If you look at some of the more recent toys companies have created new symbols for Hulk, Aquaman, and anyone with a movie. Some of them work and are immediately embraced but others fail. The Spawn one was a hit from it’s comic book beginnings.

Also a hit was Angela. Where Spawn was hell’s soldier, Angela was heaven’s. Created by Neil Gaiman, Angela was a winged woman warrior during an era when comic book fans were going crazy for strong sexy women. This blink and you miss it cameo in the original Spawn movie was a wink to fans that she will be coming, eventually.

Since then there has yet to be a Spawn sequel, despite many promises. Angela is also no longer an option as Neil Gaiman fought a lawsuit to prove ownership then sold the character to Marvel Comics. She’s still a hit in another universe, but this also means she’s now off the table to battle Todd McFarlane’s creation.

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