A Former Slacker Turns 40.

(I knew from the beginning I wanted this Spider-Man picture in the article as it is an iconic image.  But I don’t know that I ever READ it.  I can’t imagine a more perfect text to go with my thoughts on being ten years older.)



Way back 10 years ago I wrote a blog post titled “A Slacker looks at 30”.  Here’s a link to that original post:


Now, the date does not line up with the original post on my 30th birthday because that post was on MySpace and is long gone to the internet.  I had foresight to copy/paste a few posts from that late social media site and my thirtieth was one of those posts.

It is amazing to see where my mind was at 10 years ago.  While in my 30’s I realized I knew nothing when I was in my 20’s and I’m a bit scared that over the next 10 years I’ll discover my ignorance over the previous 10.

A good way to see where you’re going is to look at where you’ve been.  So lets break down that original decade old post.

First off, I did hit those goals and then new goals and demands came to be.  While those were conquered I feel I never moved the bar creatively and in the end it led to the writing and the site becoming directionless and eventually quiet.

In those 10 years I was paid for my writing, wrote on many sites, guested on podcasts, and wrote a published comic story.  I was able to interview many creators, make some great friends and contacts, and occasionally even made some money.

That “cutie Elise” who I had just started dating then, over my thirties, became the catalyst to move, my fiance, my wife and then the mother of my child.  That child might not actually be 2.5 kids but some days it feels that way.

The important things in my evening out are still there.  Thankfully both parents are still here and still guide me every day.  While my grandparents have passed their lessons still resonate and not one of those day goes by without feeling their influence.  Those friends are still close in thought and heart even though none of us live in the same town anymore.  My parents used to say the friends you have in college are the ones you have for life.  That’s not quite correct.  I’ll amend it to the friends you still have after college are the ones you’ll have for life.

Most of all my focus changed over the years.  Having few responsibilities and a part time job is a very easy way to find the time to blog constantly.  Presently, full time hours and striving every day to be a great father and husband does not lend itself to reading or even buying a stack of comics every Wednesday and seeing the new movies every Friday. Even though the bulk of my opinions changed from why this hero is better than this hero to how can I be a hero, there is still a wealth of opinions and thoughts that need an outlet.

There are hundreds if not thousands of blogs tripping over themselves to tell what’s new and give some hot take but in the end its very disposable.  I appreciate everyone who sent me items to review or guests posts to publish.  But now I would rather ask questions, do some research, and share stories of this new era of geek instead of telling all of you that Captain Smasher #1 or #567 depending on what cover you bought was an average book.

captain america no more 2

You know what I’ve been doing?  Prep.  Pages and pages of article ideas and not a one is about reboot, rebirth, results or reviews.  Its reinvigorating and while there’s no way it can be daily I feel that the quality will surpass quantity.

This post is about a Former Slacker because nothing could be truer.  Yes, I drifted for awhile and really didn’t worry about tomorrow.  Now though, I support a family, work hard, side hustle, and then still have some energy and dreams to come here and talk to all of you.

I look forward to an update at 50, and to see how much more I have grown.

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