AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe. The SummerSlam Chronicles.

Welcome back to the SummerSlam Chronicles.  If you don’t know what’s going on by now then I’m curious how you found this site.  As a build up to attending the biggest event of the summer I’m breaking down the how and why behind ever match for newer fans.  Look through the archives for every match announced.


The WWE World title, the title with all the history, the main title on Smackdown, will be defended by AJ Styles as he faces Samoa Joe.

This is actually very interesting because these two have faced off many times but never such a high profile match in the WWE.

AJ Styles was one of those guys on the smaller wrestling circuit.  The independents as its called.  He was smaller, too small for WWE at the time.  So he became one of the best wrestlers outside of there.  He can fight, he can wrestle, he can fly, and he can put together a great story in a match to make you care.  AJ won every title in TNA Impact Wrestling, a much smaller promotion than WWE but arguably the number two company in the United States.  All he needed was a chance for someone to put him in the spotlight and he ran with it.  Styles put on great matches with everyone put in front of him and then when he expected to be rewarded for it, he was told no.  So he left, as anyone would in such a situation at their place of employment.  AJ went to Japan and only got better.  Still though, no one expected to ever see him in WWE.  Then, one night on pay per view, this strange new entrance music played.  No one knew what was happening.  Then AJ’s name appeared and he showed up to the shock of everyone.  He showed the world that he belonged in WWE and quickly started to win titles and put on matches that were, phenomenal.

If AJ was a long shot to show up in WWE, Samoa Joe wasn’t even a thought.  What kind of name is Samoa Joe?  Plus he looks fat.  What’s his gimmick?  What’s his hook?  So Joe worked those small companies and got noticed for great match after great match.  He became like that local band that starts building up a buzz.  Joe went to that same Impact Wrestling company as AJ and also won every title.  Some of those titles he traded with AJ Styles himself.  Turns out Samoa Joe is a utility player.  He can hang with the small guys and keep up with anything they do in the ring.  Then he can also be a monster and stand toe to toe with someone like Brock Lesnar.  Now the man who seemed out of shape turns out to be quicker than anyone else and that is truly scary.

Two men that not that long ago weren’t supposed to be in WWE are now fighting in one of the biggest shows of the year for the preeminent title.  One has a desire to hold on to the belt he was never supposed to wear and the other has a hunger to win the title he was never meant to get near.  There’s a couple matches this upcoming event that are must see and this one has the potential to be the best of the night.

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