Finn Balor vs. Constable Baron Corbin. The SummerSlam Chronicles.

More matches have been announced for SummerSlam.  As of the writing of this post there are 11 matches named.  Now the speculation can begin.  Which match will be the main event?  Which matches will be on the pre show?  And will this match surprise us all?


Finn Balor is everything that WWE should be pushing to the front.  Great look, smiles a lot for the ladies, has that intangible “cool” factor and has already put on spectacular matches.  Yet, for some reason, he’s away from the spotlight right now.  Finn was already a great wrestler before becoming a star in Japan.  As a member of the infamous Bullet Club (and you will see, without exaggeration, hundreds of Bullet Club shirts at this WWE show even though it is a group in a different company), Finn became one of the biggest names in the world not in WWE.  He began to dress up as this spectacular alter ego for his ring entrance and brought a level of pageantry to pro wrestling that is rarely seen.  When WWE brought Finn in, and initially into their NXT brand, he would come out as this “Demon” version of himself only for the most important matches.  The fans ate it up and would mimic his ring entrance.  He was a star.  Upon arriving on Raw he became the very first Universal champion.

And injured himself in the match, had to give up the title the next night, and lost months off his career to recover from surgery.  Since then he’s not been treated in the same spotlight.  The fans know its still there, and treat him like a star.  But he has not been presented as such in awhile.  The Demon character is seen less and less, which might be part of it.  How spectacular does this look, in comparison to just a guy walking to the ring in his jacket and trunks?


On the other side is Baron Corbin.  Former football player with a great natural size to him who began to learn the craft of pro wrestling and probably got along quicker than he should of because of that size.  He’s average in the ring and at best looked dangerous because he came out looking like some giant heavy metal biker.

So then they put him in a suit.

Now, WWE needs these “authority” figures.  The people on Raw and Smackdown who make the matches on camera and portray the bosses.  Because the actual bosses are backstage on headsets, talking to camera people, the announcers, the TV truck, etc.  They don’t have the free time to also be on camera all night too.  Kurt Angle, the current on camera person in charge of Raw, is a good guy.  So in order to act as a counter to him a bad guy was needed and thus Baron Corbin was named “Constable”.  It sets up some hostilities, some opposing viewpoints, and puts Baron in a position where he can interact with everyone on the roster and in theory grow as a performer by sitting under the learning tree.

This match has lots of potential to be good, with Finn Balor showcasing his own talents and making Baron look good as well.  But we shall see.


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