Cedric Alexander vs. Drew Gulak. The SummerSlam Chronicles.

Its time to talk about the Cruiserweight championship match at SummerSlam!  And I know what those new wrestling fans reading this column are thinking.  “The what?!”  And that is a problem.


The Cruiserweight title is the main championship for another WWE show “205 Live!”  All wrestlers are 205 pounds or less.  Due to this smaller size many of them can execute moves not seen outside of ropes, pulleys, and trampolines.  Flips where the body turns 450 degrees.  Dives over the top to the floor.  Speed that rivals The Flash.  In the history of Cruiserweights there are men like Rey Mysterio who was so spectacular he, and others, transcended the weight limits and became stars on the main shows.  Some of them even becoming World champions because their work in the ring and the fan support could not be limited and they rose to the highest of ranks.  Another wrestling promotion changed this idea into the “X Division”.  “Its not about weight limits, its about no limits.”  They took people who could wrestle this style and let them cut loose no matter the size.  This is how men like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, men who don’t look like a Hulk Hogan or John Cena, were able to get noticed and become stars.

Unfortunately right now, 205 Live doesn’t have anyone demands that kind of attention or has a character who draws in viewers.   There was one who was dubbed “the man that gravity forgot” and he flew with such ease that it attracted the attention of the CW DC Comics TV shows and he teamed up with the Green Arrow.  Then there was a man who played such a loud mouth trashy character that you had to watch just to see what terrible thing he would say next.  But he ran his mouth to the wrong people and is no longer employed by WWE.

Since then there hasn’t been a person to draw in people to watch the show.  The wrestlers are good.  Everyone is doing their job.  But people do that in every sport around the world every night.  Viewers need something more than that.  Destination programming.

It will be a fine match.  It will be fun.  But in the end we’ll forget about it by the next match.  Pee break number one is scheduled.

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