The B Team vs. The Revival: The SummerSlam Chronicles.

Its time to talk about the Raw Tag Team title match for SummerSlam!  Oh.  Its on the pre show.  Its time to talk about the match we’re going to watch while we find our seats in the arena!


The Revival are a throwback team.  Just two guys that work great together and want to go out there to beat people up.  No silly gimmicks needed, because they’re so good they don’t need ’em.  I’m just a guy and he’s just a guy and we may not look like much when we come down to the ring but once we’re in action our ring work is so great we don’t just earn your respect we reach into your soul and pull it out.  Tag team wrestling is a special skill.  There is a psychology to a wrestling match when its one on one, adding two more guys to the proceedings and ensuring that the match builds interest and drama to the conclusion takes a unique mind set.  But damn if the Revival doesn’t just have it, they have it in a classic sense that could ensure their success in any era.

The B Team has been a delight to watch over the last year.  Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are both from wrestling families.   They were given distinctive names in order to forge their own paths and not ride on family names.  They have both seen heights and lows but last year their careers were stalled.  Good guys, but with no direction.  Then the Miz (more on him in a future post) needed some muscle.  In the Miz’s role as a heel (bad guy, and again – a future post) he needed guys to use in his nefarious schemes.  Men to attack his opponents from behind.  Men to use as cannon fodder.  Men to be used where ever and how ever needed.  Men like Bo and Curtis.

They were great in their roles and started to build up something great between the two of them.  In their roles as Miz’s lackeys they unintentionally formed a team.  When the Miz was sent from Raw to Smackdown he left his henchmen behind.  No longer defined by their former boss, the two struck off on their own as the B Team.  The fans got behind them as underdogs who finally have found their way and it has been great fun seeing two talents who were once no closer to a title than I am finally have gold around their waists.


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