Alexa Bliss vs Ronda Rousey. The SummerSlam Chronicles.

Let’s talk about one of the biggest matches of the night.  The Raw Women’s championship match.


I mean, what do you say about Ronda?  An absolute star.  Possibly, some might say already, the biggest star currently in WWE and the one with the most crossover into the non wrestling world.  People who have never sat down to watch Monday Night Raw are aware of who she is.  Throw a title around her waist and have her as a guest on nationally broadcast TV shows and suddenly WWE sees more interest.  Maybe they get into another wrestler while watching, and another, and suddenly this Ronda fan is a fan of the entire WWE product.  Rousey could be the tide that raises all ships.

Alexa Bliss is no push over though.  She’s the hot blonde stuck up bitch from high school.  She manipulates other women into doing her bidding because its far easier to be her stepped over friend than her stepped on enemy.  The true fear comes in when her opponent realizes its not just her spoiled brat tongue that’s dangerous.  Alexa can also get it done in the ring.  Even the smallest sticks of dynamite can still pack a deadly explosion.  Bliss is that mouse that could potentially stop the charging elephant in her tracks.

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