Carmella vs Charlotte vs Becky Lynch: The SummerSlam Chronicles.

Its time to discuss the Smackdown Women’s title match.  Its a three way match where anything can happen, and the only one on the card.


Carmella wasn’t supposed to be here.  In WWE, as a champion, on one of the biggest shows of the year.  In WWE’s developmental company she was a manager for a tag team and wrestled occasionally.  When those two men were brought to Raw she didn’t join them.  Because powers that be didn’t think she was ready.  Then she was finally brought up, and put on the opposite show.  Once more fans predicted her failure.  She was included in the first women’s Money in the Bank match and had the lowest odds to win.  So when she did win, everyone was shocked.  Then it took forever for her to cash in, and fans started to speculate that the first woman to win it would also be the first woman to be unsuccessful cashing it in.  But she did.  Then fans thought she would lose it quickly.  But she’s still here.  The Staten Island princess keeps silencing doubters.  She’s Marissa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny plus upstate ratchet plus spoiled white trash but wraps it all up into this presence that can’t be denied.

Charlotte is wrestling royalty.  When your dad is arguably the greatest wrestler of all time, you’re going to be judged more than anyone else and have more expected.  Damn if Charlotte hasn’t succeeded and excelled at every step.  She is one of the best wrestlers on the planet.  Notice I didn’t say women wrestlers.  She is the only female name accepted by the entire WWE Universe as a main event WrestleMania possibility.  She joined up with three other women just as passionate about wrestling as she is to create the Four Horsewomen of Wrestling.  Four women who can wrestle each other in any combination and have the match of the night.  Ric Flair always said to be the man you have to beat the man and while his daughter may not currently have a title she is without a doubt The Woman.

Becky is the underdog but also the most deserving.  The Irish Lass was wrestling across the pond and not making any headway.  She retired a couple years ago.  Then this new era in women’s wrestling started to bubble up and Becky came back to even more success than before.  She was the first Smackdown Women’s champion and since then hasn’t had a moment.  She’s been part of many of the legendary “firsts” that women wrestlers have had over the past few years, but being one of many is not the same as being the champion.  Between the fiery red hair, the accent, and the steampunk inspired entrance she can’t be ignored.  Then she delivers in the ring and its no wonder she’s included as one of the aforementioned Four Horsewomen.  That connection may cause this bout to be the sleeper hit of the night.  A hard hitting sleeper hit.  To take nothing away from Carmella, but because Charlotte and Becky have this bond and this trust they will also lay into each other and take risks that they might not take with other opponents.  Wrestling has been called ballet with violence, but you save your best dances for the partners you’re closest with.


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