Daniel Bryan vs The Miz: The SummerSlam Chronicles.

Its time to discuss the last match on the card.  (Although not the last post in this series.)  A match years in the making.  A match that wasn’t going to happen for years.  A match that maybe, just maybe, might be match of the night.


The Miz started out as Mike, a guy on the Real World.  That’s right, the MTV reality show.  Mike had a gimmick where he would take his last name, Mizanin, and do a Rock like gimmick where he was The Miz.  He did this on multiple MTV reality shows and was well known as a cocky, annoying, MTV reality star.  So when the WWE was going to bring back its talent search, Tough Enough, which was originally on MTV, it made sense to include the Miz.  Not a chance he’ll win, the other guys are much bigger, but it will be fun to see him lose.

Well, the Miz came in second and considering what happened to the guy who came in first the Miz was the real winner.  So Miz gets hired by WWE and trains to be a wrestler.  This reality show star is stepped on and crapped on and beaten and everything possible to get him to quit.  Not allowed in the locker rooms, bags thrown away, every possible demeaning thing to get this outsider to go away.  But he never did.  He forms a tag team, wins titles, and gets better.  He wins secondary titles and gets better, Money in the Bank and gets better.  He even wins the title and keeps it against John Cena in the WrestleMania main event.

But still Miz never seemed to get that respect.  The powers that be respect him, or else he would never have collected multiple titles.  The fans never saw him as a wrestler.  Someone who struggled to learn the craft, travelling the world.  Someone like Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan worked everywhere and was thought to be the greatest wrestler in the world not in WWE, and maybe even just the greatest wrestler without that “but”.  He was too small to make it in WWE, despite his talent.  So when he did finally arrive, he was still that underdog.  Losing matches, getting put down – by the Miz no less, getting fired but coming back.  Every up and down endeared him to the fans even more.  He may be an underdog but he was their underdog.  As Bryan rose the ranks of WWE and became the greatest wrestler in WWE he had everyone behind him.  But there was Miz, staring at everything he wanted in someone else’s hands.

Miz and Daniel Bryan have both won the World, US, Intercontinental and tag titles in WWE.  They both married women wrestlers.  They both now appear on reality shows starring their wives.  They both had to silence doubters.  But for some reason Bryan is regarded as best in the world and Miz feels like the biggest obstacle in his path is Bryan himself.  The two are becoming the Superman and Lex Luthor of WWE.  Forever intertwined.  Lex (Miz) could be the greatest champion his home has ever seen if it wasn’t for this outsider coming in and drawing all of the people’s love.  Incapable of sharing the spotlight, the plan instead becomes to destroy the person in the top spot and take it for himself.

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